Business process outsourcing

The Exes Group has a wide range of solutions for the outsourcing of business processes. In this way, each process is properly and fully implemented in the system. These business processes are often repetitive and very labour-intensive for your engineers.


Exes Group is specialised in carrying out activities in the field of engineering. We offer flexible capacity, both on-site and offshore, and support for your organisation’s engineers. This allows your organisation to separate work that adds value from labour-intensive work.

Software Engineering

Thinking of outsourcing your software engineering? Why not use our experienced engineers to develop, maintain or improve your software solutions? This saves time, money and ensures a reliable backup for the longer term. Ask us for the full range of options.


The legislation relating to the provision of manuals is very strict, both for the business-to-business and the business-to-consumer market. Clients and end-users put more and more demands on documentation. Creating manuals is no longer something that can be “done on the side’ by the engineering department.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the name for the fourth industrial revolution. It changes the way manufacturing takes place through the integration of Internet of Things, Big Data, Augmented Reality, data integration and other technological developments that affect the core of the manufacturing process and the production systems.

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