outsourcing software engineering

Thinking of outsourcing your software engineering? Why not use our experienced engineers to develop, maintain or improve your software solutions? This saves time, money and ensures a reliable backup for the longer term. Ask us for the full range of options.

If you would rather your own staff had their hands and minds free to focus on what truly matters, then outsource the maintenance of your software solutions to Exes Group. Process activities can include performing extensions to applications, fixing errors or the migration of applications to new technology.

Our experienced back-end and front-end software engineers have ample experience across a wide range of development platforms and tools, varying from open-source versions such as PostgreSQL, PostgresPURE, MySQL, MongoDB and MariaDB to commercial platforms including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase and OptimaData.

Our engineers are familiar with varying programming languages, such as C/C ++, HTML5/CSS3 and Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby.

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