Jishnu Madhusoodanan is 29 jaar en werkt sinds drie jaar als Design Engineer voor Exes Group. Hij geeft ons een kijkje in de keuken bij Exes in India. Wie is Jishnu en hoe is het om vanuit India te werken voor Nederlandse bedrijven?

How long have you been working for Exes Group?

In the last three years I have been working for Exes Group. Currently I’m working for KSE Process Technology, a company specialized in dosing and weighing systems for the animal feed industry. At first the project with KSE was challenging since the entire domain was new to me. By learning on the job and during my onsite visit I improved my product understanding, technical skills and learned new manufacturing techniques, design approaches, etc. according to the customer’s way of working and requirements.

What is your background?

I am a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical engineering and I’ve got 7 years of experience in machine design. I’m specialised in Machine Tool design, Conveyors and material handling equipment and weighing and dosing machines.

I started my engineering professional career as a design engineering trainee, then promoted as junior engineer design and Design/Project engineer. While working in previous organisations I got the opportunity to closely work with the manufacturing as well as assembly team, which helped to learn the main practical challenges.

What kind of jobs have you been working on and can you say something about the project(s) you are currently working on?

The work involves concept development, detailed engineering models and drafts, Machine Rendering, Simplified model and sales drawings, etc…

In recent projects I was involved in the development of a driving unit which involved the complete redesign of the structure and drive units. Furthermore, I did work in the area of re-modelling, which was a CAD conversion of a complete machine.

Additionally, I’m involved in a project in which I’m working on different options to standardize and work out an efficient method for simplified modelling. So, it’s quite divers which makes it interesting as well.

Do you usually work offshore or onsite?

Yes, usually the project execution is done offshore. However, I have been in the Netherlands for 3 months as part of a training: understanding customer work standards, product training and practicing manufacturing techniques. The onsite period also helped to closely watch and learn new culture. The weekend was spent exploring the Netherlands.

What does an average working day look like?

The working day starts with a pleasant smile and good morning wishes. Then I look for any higher priority mails or tasks from the customer. After that I start the planned work as per schedule. If any critical issue pop-ups I have Skype meetings with the customer to clarify things.

Can you describe your own working environment?

The working environment here in India is calm and refreshing. Interactions with colleagues are possible and helpful to get an extra view in a challenging assignment. Every now and then there is a cheering birthday celebration at the end of the week and of course we have our daily short tea brakes. I share my office area with 15 colleagues, however we all have isolated systems as per project requirement.

How do you discuss the progress of projects internally?

The project is running smoothly with enough work to carry out. The status of the project is updated to the respective manager on a weekly basis. The difficulties, if any, and scope of improvement are some major agenda points during those meeting. When something urgent is popping up it’s easy to quickly address things in-between and also discuss with our Dutch colleagues. 

How do you communicate with Dutch clients?

Communication with the clients is good. There was difficulty initially during the calls but now I adapted to the pronunciation and way of speaking. Also, the onsite period was helpful in bonding with and understanding of the engineers which I work with at customer end. Skype is the medium for verbal communication and the technical difficulties are addressed sharing the screen or screen shots etc.

Do you have tips on how a client can help you and your colleagues on their way to a new project as quickly as possible?

 The important tip from my side is clear written documents about the project or task. If available the functional specification document so that the engineer gets a rough idea about the machine working. This can be shared in advance. After studying the task, verbal communication is welcome to address the query.

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